Aqua Bois is a manufacturer-installer of wood pool and we offer to our retailers in the Montreal area an installation service for our pools.

The excellence and experience of our installation team makes Aqua Bois a leader in the wood pool installation field.

Enjoy all the advantages of having your new wood pool installed by its own manufacturer and benefit from the two years installation warranty which is added to our manufacturer warranty.

Only one middleman for the after sale service, and, what more then a pool installed by its own manufacturer.

Above ground installation :

  • Installation on concrete blocks
  • Sand bottom
  • Digging of 4” to 6” in the middle
  • Installation of the bottom drain in concrete
  • Installation of the filtration system

Semi inground installation :

  • Previous visit to the site: localisation of the pool and machinery passage
  • Excavation and evacuation of the dirt
  • Digging of 4” to 6” for the round models
  • Digging of a 4’ to 5’6” slope for the oval models
  • Installation on concrete blocks
  • Perforated drain
  • Bottom drain in concrete
  • Sand bottom
  • Filling around the pool with sand
  • Installation of the filtration system